What happens when you don’t fit into a category?

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See how we helped Pure Storage re-package data storage.




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People are always looking for the perfect setup.


But it’s rarely as straightforward as they hope.


Similarly, businesses are always looking for the best setupfor their data.

But as the need to handle more data, requiring more storage, just keeps growing, the process of expanding becomes far from straightforward.

Data storage has grown in complexity. And hardware is just one piece of the puzzle.

IT has been evolving to a cloud, as-a-service and OpEx model, for decades now. Data storage should be more than an IT discussion—it’s about meeting and powering data-driven business needs.

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stuck here?

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With growth in data-heavy technologies and applications, unstructured data is growing, putting much greater load on data storage infrastructure.

Business leaders are failing to realise that old data storage can limit their progress.








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So why is data infrastructure still seen as just a hardware problem?

Pure Storage already had a successful storage hardware business, so they understand the issue well.

They needed to change the conversation to business outcomes next to their tech story and wanted a way to help customers understand that the right solution needed to consider all their data needs holistically.

You repackage. Reposition. Reset for growth.

To fulfil their core mission, Pure needed customers to rethink storage entirely. That’s where we came in.

To build a model that helped Pure’s customers embrace a multi-faceted, cloud model that is more flexible and sustainable.

Changing the way people buy.

Pure already had an excellent product that was smaller, faster, and easier to use than anything else out there. Pure FlashArrays are more dense than traditional disk storage—a key differentiator when data centre space is at a premium.

The big opportunity they needed help with was articulating the business case, the value beyond the technical buyer.

Like changing the way furniture is bought and sold by introducing flat-packaging, going all-in on this kind of next-gen storage technology requires a shift in thinking for the buyer.  The right data approach should  be a conversation with CTOs, COOs, data architects, and app owners.

We helped Pure Storage redefine their industry.


Paal15 gets me to value faster by cutting the time from problem to solution, blending a true understanding of the complex tech market and hands-on skills to develop tangible and creative assets.

Eric Duerr, VP Marketing, Pure Storage

We helped Pure redefine what “data storage” and infrastructure means for customers and partners—to redefine the tech industry category they were in.

The new positioning we created, ‘Uncomplicate your data storage, forever’, neatly explains how Pure’s holistic data service brings data storage up to speed with the modern IT model, improving and simplyfying how data is stored, mobilised and protected with a cloud-first experience.

The data advantage with Pure is clear.

Paal15 set out to tackle several challenges for Pure Storage.

How could Pure fully express what made them different? And how could they change the conversation?

Here’s how we did it:

  • Get all the right brains in the room—and pick them: Starting with Pure’s FlashBlade solution, Paal15 consultants ran workshops with senior VPs to understand the product, the market, the Pure customer, and the ambition.
  • Summarise, organise and (re)position: A new strategic blueprint was created, laying out the steps to success and covering key aims, audiences and use cases: summarised in a core value proposition that fully encapsulated Pure’s unique position in a concise, easy-to-share way.
  • Hone the message to market: Using the blueprint, the Paal15 creative team developed messaging for different audiences to focus more on business outcomes. They also created the core tagline: “Uncomplicate your data storage—forever” and accompanying visual concepts to spread this message across all its materials.

Repositioning the business helped Pure to challenge pre-existing ideas, focus on outcome-based messaging and consolidate multiple messages into one simpler, more easily repeatable idea.

grow as you go.

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“Pure has had a revolutionary impact on the business, completely changing our mindset and how the cloud infrastructure team functions.”

Keith Martin, Senior Director, Cloud Capacity EngineeringServiceNow

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Pure now is redefining how businesses buy data storage, how they can make their customer experience better, and how they can empower customers to solve their data challenges—while boosting their own profits.


It’s clear to see Pure’s customers now truly understand the wholistic business value of Pure’s data services, enabling businesses to grow faster and reach strategic goals.


The real value in Pure’s portfolio comes from combining hardware, software, services, and support.

Coming together to build a storage solution that is entirely different, one that works more like cloud, and less like a rigid box in the basement.

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“Our data works as hard as our delivery drivers. It’s all about speed—the ability to ingest data, analyze it, and feed it back into actionable channels.”

Dan Djuric, VP of Global Infrastructure and Enterprise Information ManagementDomino’s Pizza

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