Strategic Pivot to Profitability

Positioning Pure Storage's next phase of growth.

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Eric Duerr

VP Marketing, Pure Storage

At a glance

Discover how Pure Storage overcame the challenge of being perceived merely as a storage commodity by refining its core positioning and messaging. The result is a transformative leadership role in the tech industry, evidenced by a focused, outcome-based strategy that has expanded market reach and driven profitability.

The Challenge

Pure Storage already had a successful hardware business, born from a core belief: data storage shouldn’t be complicated.

But it was finding it hard to sell-in this philosophy: sales and marketing centred around hardware features making it hard to upsell the Pure portfolio and elevate the Pure brand beyond just a storage commodity. The big opportunity they needed help with was articulating the business case and added value beyond for the technical buyer.

To fulfil their core mission, Pure needed customers to rethink storage entirely. That’s where we came in. To build a model that helped Pure’s customers embrace a multi-faceted, cloud model that is more flexible and sustainable.

The Solution

We worked closely with key stakeholders to define the core positioning and messaging, gathering conclusions into a practical ‘strategic blueprint’ that was used to build its marketing strategy. Next we worked to express the positioning verbally and visually, coming up with the tagline: “Uncomplicate your data storage—forever”, developing a full messaging framework, and practical marketing assets for several aspects of Pure’s portfolio.

Pure now has a positioning and defined messaging that works at a much broader level, helping both technical and business audiences to understand its key attributes— its specialisation for unstructured data, its flexibility, and its unique ability to never go obsolete—across all products and services, expressing what its products do in terms of customer outcomes, improving relevance and opening up-sell opportunities.

Why Pure Storage's results are remarkable

Amidst a volatile market overflowing with unstructured data, Pure Storage was able to emerge as a transformative leader. By strategically repositioning their business with a focused and outcome-based message, they were able to disrupt conventional thinking to elevate their value proposition in order to drive increased profitability. Due to our help, Pure Storage is now able to offer a cohesive, simplified, yet highly impactful solution for businesses grappling with data management and customer experience challenges.

Why this story matters

This case study is pivotal for readers as it illuminates how strategic repositioning and precise messaging can elevate a tech company from a mere commodity to a transformative industry leader. By leveraging our expertise, Pure Storage was able to finally articulate a compelling business case that now resonates with both technical and business audiences, thereby expanding its market reach and opening up new avenues for growth.

About Pure Storage

Founded in 2009, Pure Storage is transforming the data storage industry by offering a cloud-based experience that eliminates the complexities of traditional infrastructure management, enabling businesses to maximize their data assets efficiently. With a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and an exceptional customer satisfaction rating, the company stands as a trusted partner for organizations seeking agile, sustainable, and customer-centric data solutions.


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