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This case study shows how Paal15 was able to help Privy, a secure digital identity and eSign provider, develop a launch strategy and have their message in-market for a whole new region in just 10 weeks.

"The challenge we had when launching in Australia was that everyone who needed eSign, had it. So where do we start? Paal15 helped us to start with the broader business strategy and then drop down into the specific messaging. Paal15 really understood who we were as an organisation - A lot of the work […] has now been used not only in Australia but globally."

Rob Hotchin

Country Manager, ANZ @ Privy

At a glance

Privy, a secure digital identity and eSign provider, was born in one of the toughest authentication markets in the world, Indonesia, and they reached market saturation—becoming clear leaders. To keep growing, they needed to enter new markets and needed a partner to help them expand; one that understands the tech landscape, the competition, unique value proposition creation, and could help them move fast to test their new chosen market, Australia, as quickly as possible.

The Challenge

Are you worried about the increasing amount of identity theft, fraud, and deep fakes? Even something that seems simple, like signing a document digitally, should make us stop and think—is this safe and proven?

All those questions and more creates an opening for Privy to disrupt the market.

Privy was born in one of the world’s toughest authentication markets, Indonesia, and after many years they reached market saturation—they are clear leaders in this space. To keep growing exponentially, it was time to look at new markets.

Australia is a market with a lot of competition from known players, but Privy knew there was an opportunity to change how businesses build digital trust. To enter and grow in this new market, they were looking for a Partner that understands the tech landscape, the competition, could create unique value propositions and differentiators, and could help them move fast to test the market as quickly as possible. Paal15 was called to help setup the Australia country strategy and launch to market.

The Solution

To start building out Privy’s AU strategy, Paal15 needed to understand that Privy is much more than just an eSign provider (electronic signature). They’re handling security at the core, ensuring verification and authentication at all the right levels before a signature can take place, without compromising on user experience.

We developed a new portfolio strategy with a different commercial approach designed to give Privy the option of testing smaller entry services as a sales motion, basically helping them sell differently in this new region.

Categorising into three solution pillars: Privy offers authenticated digital signatures across 1. agreements, 2. people, and 3. businesses. These strategic pillars not only help explain in a succinct way Privy’s full range of services, but also helps them differentiate by showing how they are leading the way in digital security.

Privy also needed to stand out in a market that was almost saturated–most businesses in Australia already have an eSign provider, but businesses need more in our digital age. With the growing complexities of digital interactions, organisations need verified digital identities to facilitate smoother transactions and mitigate risks. We created differentiated messaging to help meet customer demand and stand out. For example, the “3Cs” concept: Privy brings more Confidence, Convenience and Control throughout the digital signature and verification process, to boost digital trust.

We then brought strategy to life with the tagline, “Prove it, with Privy”, which is now being used not just in Australia but globally. By also helping with sales presentations, web structure and content, and other key go-to-market assets, we helped speed up Privy’s aggressive and assertive entry into the Australian market.

With a solid strategic business and positioning basis in place, the next phase will focus more on tailoring the message to specific audiences across industries and personas to make sure Privy’s value proposition resonates and addresses the unique needs and pain points of key consumers.

Amazing results

We were able to get from business strategy to in-market messaging in just 10 weeks, giving them the ability to test their message and approach in market fast.

The new value proposition and messaging not only helps explain Privy’s full range of services in a clear and concise way, but also helps Privy communicate their value as a reliable business partner for the long term, providing a platform where security and authenticity is always integrated and there are options to create custom digital ID workflows as well.

About Privy

Privy, a secure digital identity and eSign provider, is the main provider in Indonesia and was looking for a partner to grow, launching in Australia to change how we build digital trust. Paal15 was called to help set up a country strategy.


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