Powering LAB3 to become Australia’s fastest-growing tech company

"The Paal15 transformation engagement has re-defined and culturally aligned how LAB3 positions itself internally, with vendors and clients. We are now able to clearly articulate our value and go-to-market strategy which is clearly accelerating customer wins."

Chris Cook

Chief Executive Officer, LAB3

At A Glance

Discover how LAB3 journeyed to become Australia's fastest-growing IT company through the power of a differentiated company positioning, strong messaging, and a clearly defined
go-to-market strategy.

The Challenge

In 2019, LAB3 found it challenging to convey its unique business value to a diverse array of stakeholders including potential clients, investors, and future talent. Despite their IT prowess, the company faced obstacles in setting themselves apart and effectively communicating their advantages to a wider, non-technical audience. This lack of clarity impeded their growth trajectory and became a significant obstacle to realising their ambitions.

The Solution

We took a hands on approach, encompassing interviews, workshops, and market research to uncover LAB3's distinct strengths. We then used our findings to develop a simplified positioning, narrative and a clear, concise and logical structure for their solution portfolio. We then developed an actionable commercial strategy to quickly bring the new narrative and solutions to market.

We moved LAB3 away from a generic 'we support all cloud transformations’ approach and delivered a clear, differentiated company positioning and a consistent narrative. This helped them to better articulate their story across the business, with different versions geared towards customers, partners, investors, employees, and future talent.

Why LAB3's results are remarkable

The transformation we helped to deliver had a fast and significant impact: LAB3 was named CRN Fast50 Fastest Growing IT Company in Australia in 2019, and they surpassed their 5-year revenue target within just 2 years.

Why this story matters

LAB3's journey to becoming Australia's fastest-growing IT company underscores the power of having a solid and differentiated company positioning, messaging, and go-to-market strategy prior to scaling up operations.

This case study highlights the critical role of expert guidance in achieving laser-focused market positioning and crafting specialised solutions tailored to specific business needs.


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