Telstra Purple’s experience-led approach to modern working

"Paal15 were skilled at capturing our key differentiators in market, and helped us to create clear messaging of our portfolio in a way that resonates for both our internal sales teams, as well as our customers."

Mary Hodson

Head of Workplace, Telstra Purple

At a glance

Discover how Telstra Purple overcame the challenge of disjointed customer-facing messaging in a rapidly changing digital workspace landscape. Leveraging a strategic and creative 'Workplace Experience' narrative, they accelerated product launches, empowered a 500+ strong salesforce, and laid the groundwork for revenue growth through integrated offerings—all in just 4 months.

The Challenge

Digital transformation initiatives have been driving change in the workplace for years, but the pandemic ushered in a total change in mindset—and Telstra Purple wanted to lead the new workplace narrative.

Telstra Purple has over 1,500 professional and managed services experts, co-developed workplace solutions with partners like Microsoft, and all powered by the advanced network and adaptive capabilities of Telstra, the largest telco in Australia. But they were often not combining these capabilities in customer-facing workplace messaging and solutions. Plus, time was of the essence – they needed to move fast to claim a leadership position in a competitive market.

The Solution

We developed a strategy and creative narrative for the whole workplace portfolio, redefining it as ‘Workplace Experience’ to capture the focus on tailoring to individuals, based on Telstra and Telstra Purple’s unique mix of human-centred design, software, hardware, and connectivity.

By harnessing our deep industry knowledge and understanding of Telstra Purple’s unique range of capabilities, we identified an opportunity to generate more sales. We created a modular approach to solution building, combining four core elements around applications, services, connectivity, and physical tools.

Why Telstra Purple's results are remarkable

In just 4 months, Telstra Purple launched a new, unified Workplace Experience narrative, significantly accelerating time-to-market for key products like Mobile Workplace and Microsoft 365 based solutions. By shifting the sales approach from product-centric to outcome-based, we've not only streamlined customization for clients but also laid the groundwork for increased revenue through integrated offerings.

Why this story matters

This case study serves as a compelling blueprint for rapidly seizing market leadership in an evolving landscape, such as the shift towards digital workspaces. It underscores the effectiveness of aligning organizational capabilities with a unified, outcome-based sales narrative to accelerate time-to-market, enhance customer engagement, and pave the way for revenue growth through integrated solutions.

About Telstra Purple

Telstra Purple is Telstra's global technology services business, specializing in cloud, security, network, and software solutions. With a team of over 1,500 experts, the company empowers organizations to achieve their digital transformation goals by offering bespoke solutions and leveraging a collaborative approach.


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