CloudBilling: Becoming a business enabler

"Paal15’s knowledge and creativity has pushed us to the next level. They helped define our future direction."

Rob Coppen

CEO, Cloudbilling

The Challenge

Starts with platform evolution

CloudBilling was originally created to solve several very common but persistent issues among service providers: the complexity, cost, and time of billing cloud services. Evolving over time, CloudBilling's suite of solutions now complement the billing foundation and provide businesses with strategic insights to achieve FinOps and commercial acceleration-but how to communicate the additional value and opportunity to customers?

The Solution

Making numbers count

We developed new positioning diving into audience types. Because managed services comes in many different flavours and stages of maturity, the new strategy and go-to-market was tailored to four different target customers and their respective challenges. From cloud centric providers to hyperscalers, specific messaging was developed to show how the data platform's business intelligence can support different customers on a strategic basis. All with one overarching principle: making numbers count.

The Results

Truly a strategic partner

Empowered with the assets we created, sellers testing the message in market were receiving a really good response. By defining CloudBilling's value propositions around optimising financial operations and accelerating business success, they can solidify themselves as more than a billing platform, but truly a strategic partner and business accelerator.


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