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"Paal15 took us on a journey that helped us to articulate who we were and what we offered in a much simpler way. Extremely creative and massively professional team but also flexible and pragmatic."

David Clark

Sales & Marketing Director, Clear Junction

At a glance

Discover how Clear Junction, a technologically advanced financial service provider, successfully navigated the intricate landscape of serving both traditional and crypto markets. With a refined value proposition, they fueled remarkable growth and established themselves as industry leaders.

Award-winning growth Champions not challengers Impressive revenue boost
#1 in the 2022 For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs Growth 100 New positioning helped them become market shapers 1947% increase in 2 years (from £1.5m to £30.7m)

The Challenge

Clear Junction, a profitable company with a robust technical foundation, was confronted with a significant challenge: articulating their value proposition within a complex financial landscape.

They catered to a diverse clientele, ranging from traditional financial institutions to emerging crypto marketplaces. This diversity posed a dilemma—how to position themselves effectively without alienating any segment of their customer base.

The Solution

We provided strategic guidance to help Clear Junction establish a unique market position that went beyond simply defining what they did; it also highlighted how they accomplished it.

By crafting messaging that demonstrated their capacity to serve both regulated and unregulated markets without compromising on security, we ensured that Clear Junction could distinctly differentiate itself in the marketplace. Our strategy incorporated a thorough business analysis to understand Clear Junction's core competencies and market needs.

Building on this foundation, we developed a new positioning strategy by delineating tailored value propositions for specific audiences. This empowered Clear Junction to assume a leadership role in shaping both industry and regulatory discussions.

Why Clear Junction's results are remarkable

By addressing their immediate challenges, Clear Junction became industry shapers—one of the few UK firms permitted to operate in both fiat and crypto markets. Their new positioning fuelled impressive growth, culminating in them ranking #1 in the 2022 FEBE Growth 100.

Why this story matters

This case study illustrates how adopting the correct strategic positioning and crafting a targeted value proposition can address key challenges when navigating the complexities of operating in diverse markets.

Clear Junction's redefined market positioning and industry-focused solutions enabled them to emerge as industry shapers, thereby setting the stage for long-term growth.

About Clear Junction

Founded in the UK in 2016, Clear Junction operates globally with a team of over 75 employees and holds several certifications including FCA authorisation, ISO 27001, and PCI-DSS. Clear Junction provides a B2B platform that simplifies global fund transfers and financial services for institutions. With a focus on compliance and risk, it streamlines international payments and account management, enabling clients to easily expand into new markets.


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